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Monday, July 30, 2018

Transition: New Bed

change is hard
Standing in the empty middle of his temporarily shared bedroom, in the space where his bed should be, Wonder Boy screamed. He kicked the floor. He slapped a wall. He pressed buttons on his talker. The machine intoned, “I am angry.”

“Angry,” said Wonder Boy.

In soothing tones, Super Daddy explained: “You have a new bed. I’m putting it together.”

Wonder Boy bobbled his head. His body tensed. Eyes closed. He opened his mouth and screeched, high-pitched, long and loud.

“No screaming,” said Super Daddy.

“Screaming is not nice,” whispered Wonder Boy. He climbed onto Amaze Girl’s bed. Huddled into the masses of blankets, pillows and snugglies - some hers, some his. He buried his face in the familiar softness. He rolled under blankets. He whimpered.

Tearfully, Wonder Boy scripted as he followed Super Daddy through the house to get tools. He muttered familiar phrases as Super Daddy hammered, drilled and drove wooden parts together. He moaned when Amaze Girl’s bed came down and the new frame took shape. He cried as toys were moved and the carpet vacuumed. He howled as Super Daddy placed, first bunkies, then mattresses onto the new sleeping space.

“It’s a bunk bed,” said Super Daddy.

“Bunk bed,” repeated Wonder Boy. He sniffed.

Wonder Boy climbed the ladder and sat. He patted his familiar mattress. He hugged his pillow: just right. He looked at his posters and tapped the ceiling. So close.

He giggled. Now, glee, joy and exuberance pinked his face. A small bounce. A wiggle. A twist. Happiness.

With Super Daddy’s help, Wonder Boy practiced going up and down the ladder. Toes reached, tickled, touched the smooth cherry wood, as his body learned the location of the rungs. Just like the trampoline. He lay flat on his bed. He sat back straight, legs crossed. He paged through a book, rearranged Buzz and Woody, hugged his monkey ball. He looked down at Super Daddy’s head.

Louder this time, Wonder Boy laughed.

“Bath time,” said Super Daddy.

Wonder Boy smiled. “No!” he said.

Later, after bath, books, a summer movie and quiet play; later, when it was time, Wonder Boy climbed the ladder to his bunk. He huddled under his blankets and snuggled into his pillows.

“Good night,” said Super Daddy.

“Good night,” said Wonder Boy. The light clicked off.

Wonder Boy lay still. He absorbed the twists, turns and shadows tucked into his brand-new space.

Eyes wide in the darkness. Ears tuned to the silence. Wonder Boy giggled.

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Charles Hedrick said...

He was doing a great deal of communicating while not using his reader! Good show!