Why "Running with Bunions"?

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Searching for Mojo

The following is an edited version of a blog originally published in September, 2012 when hubby and I lived in Doha, Qatar, a tiny peninsula shaped country in the Arabian Gulf. Where I spent my days studying Arabic, assuming my way into the culture and writing about it.

Mojo: muse, inspiration, drive, motivation; a person's "umpf"

Oppressive humidity ran my mojo off.  I wallowed a while.  Ate expensive M&M's from Spinney's, ie, the Middle Eastern 7-11, binge-watched Breaking Bad on my computer and ignored writing projects, research opportunities, Arabic homework. Finally the day came when the cupboards were bare. Test approaching. I'd watched all the episodes. Publication was imminent.

Time to find the runaway and drag her home.

I headed into the desert.


Welcome to my Doha summer. Where humidity sucks moisture from the body until all that's left are teeth, toenails and wet clothes. Where Mojo tempts with blue desert skies, taunts with freezing inside temperatures, mocks with unresearchable ideas, teases with a writing sale or two (or three), then…runs away.

I climbed a mountain of sand. Glittering grains danced across the dune's lip, tumbled into the crescent and collided. The sand sang.

listen to the dune sing!
What makes a sand dune sing? Size, shape and texture of the grains is important. The dune should be shaped in a semi-circle, like a bowl. Granules must be in motion - and very, very dry.

Niagara Falls, but without the wet.

There are only 40 known singing dunes in the entire world and one of them is right here where I live in Doha, Qatar.

I pressed my fingers into the warm, gritty strand, lifted my face to the sun and listened as ideas circled my brain.

I laughed at Mojo.

Now I know where you live.


Judith said...

A singing sand dune. Magical. And scary. What a vast, vast expanse of sand. I'm picturing Lawrence of Arabia about now. Glad you found your MoJo. :)
~~Judy H.

Lucinda H. Kennaley said...

why scary?

Judy, you're so GREAT. Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

Who is Mojo?

Lucinda H. Kennaley said...

I think of Mojo as inspiration...internal drive...motivation. The get-up-and-go to turn off facebook and think something new. You know - a person's umpf.