Why "Running with Bunions"?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bewitching Good Times

Marching Scorpions
In the world of school, Halloween kicks off a busy season of parties, conferences, meetings, field trips, special programs, gift making and giving, decorating, extracurricular activities, celebrations, shopping, bills and...oh, yeah: schoolwork. Parental jobs. Rain, snow, cold.

Translation: this week's blog is short on words, long on pictures. You're welcome!

Pre Halloween party, Wonder Boy's class built Steve the Minecraft Guy out of boxes, tissue, construction paper and tape.
with Steve the Minecraft Guy

Wonder Boy wrote words for the hallway bulletin board.

Meanwhile, Amaze Girl's class? All school parade. Wonder Woman, Ninja Turtle, skeleton, hot dog, Captain Underpants!
Parade Time!

In an opportunistic display of family unity, support and forever love, Super Daddy, Nonnie and GAK soaked up the joy:
Happy Holidays!

More to Come...

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