Why "Running with Bunions"?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

New Adventures

I loved summers at home with my own three Wonders-of-God's-Creation. Summer as Nonnie-Nanny for Super Daddy and his babies? So. Much. Awesomeness.

Crown Center picnic
Summer with kids expands opportunities for snuggle-hungry grandmas to enjoy two arm belly hugs and forehead to forehead whispers. Summer splatters and spills are priceless, frame-worthy art. A rainy day means indoor cookies today and outdoor mud pies tomorrow.

Each new day brings another new adventure.

Fishing with Daddy and Pop
Summer 2017, we rode a streetcar (twice!), visited the library, took swim lessons. Climbed trees, saw movies, did the zoo and kid's gym, biked, ran, made slime, painted a birdhouse. Wonder Boy played team baseball. Amaze Girl started piano lessons.
We wandered the shops at Crown Center, toured Science City and Union Station's train room. Visited Deanna Rose petting zoo. There were overnight road trips to see the great-grands, tea parties, costumes and makeup. We danced to Schoolhouse Rock, collected sticks and bugs, traveled on a boat, went fishing. We floated the James River in a raft!
To prepare for Wonder Boy's every afternoon therapy, we settled minds and bodies with physical, sensory and creative play. Immersed ourselves in soft blue sand, jumped on a trampoline, molded slime, read books, told stories, ran around the high school track.
Wonder Boy loves being outside. He created a triangle of happiness between the swing set, trampoline and pool. On the swings, Wonder Boy glided back and forth, dragging bare feet through rubbery mulch. He made piles with his fingers before returning the wiggly bits to the starting point with his toes. So he could do it all over again.
On the trampoline, Wonder Boy flipped, twisted, leaped. Ran in circles. Laid on his back, stared at the dappled sky through a green screen of lush Missouri leaves. Rolled onto his belly to inspect the mesh-framed grass below. Read a book.
In the pool, he floated and tossed objects. Stood to let water drain, then dropped fast so a bubble would form between his suit and skin.
Recital for GGMa
Amaze Girl loves people and their creatures. She's happiest making friends out of strangers while learning about animals, insects, reptiles, fish. She collected bugs, played in mud, soared high on swings, bounced, ran, swam. Created castles out of playdoh, told stories with crayons, paper and scissors. Tucked into couch pillows, book propped against raised knees, she read aloud for fun.
Amaze Girl is a fluid dancer and smooth runner. Her lean body bounds with easy, even strides. She's proven herself a quick learner and intent piano student. Graceful fingers curved over the keyboard, back straight, feet dangling, eyes on the page, she counted, sang, recited note names beginning at her first lesson.
But the happiest summer moments? Football in the yard with Super Daddy. The gym with Super Daddy. Everything involving Super Daddy.

Solar Eclipse 2017
A summer packed with sensory activity, new experiences, words, ideas, information, communication. 

All good things come to an end and summer is no exception. Today's awesomeness is buses, new friends, reading, writing, math, science. Watching the moon cloak the sun through a bank of dark clouds.

A new adventure every day.

Football Fun

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