Why "Running with Bunions"?
In foot-speak, a bunion is a bony outcropping that forms on the joint just below the big toe. It's hard. Ugly. Wears holes in shoes and changes a runner's gait. But a bunion is neither an illness nor a terminal impediment. Doctors don't advise removal of bunions except in extreme cases.

In life-speak, bunions are obstacles that hinder progress. Writer's block. Dirty dishes, laundry, a sprained butt in the middle of marathon training.

It's also autism and other learning differences. Seeking new ways to feed injured brains while a clock ticks in the background. People with influence who won't communicate, participate, cooperate.

A person's unique difficulties, like bunions, change the way work happens and sometimes make it harder to accomplish one's goals. But it doesn't have to signal end game. Blistered, calloused, blood tinged bunions are badges from a life...lived.
When he came to live with Super Daddy, Wonder Boy was 5 years old and still in diapers...He didn't play peekaboo, make eye contact or sit in a chair to eat. Physically, Wonder Boy operated at the level of an 18 month old baby...
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Peggy said...

Sweet brother, sister, Grandma...an education for GGMa--who will be back